Free social security consultation for Oregon for obtaining social security benefitsYou will meet with an attorney or experienced paralegal during your initial Social Security benefits consultation. Please arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork designed to help us get to know you better. If possible, please bring a list of doctors that you’ve seen since your disability onset date. Please also bring any Social Security denials.

During the initial consultation, we will ask you to identify and describe your disabling conditions. We will also ask what doctors have treated you and if you are still treating for your disabling conditions. We will want to know what treatment you receive for your conditions. We will want to know what jobs you have held in the last 15 years and why and when you stopped working. The more information you can provide to us at the initial consultation the better equipped we will be to represent you on your claim.

Please remember that we must have medical records documenting your claimed disabling conditions in order to get you Social Security disability benefits. If possible, try to routinely see a physician for your conditions because an established record of ongoing medical treatment greatly increases the likelihood of your obtaining Social Security benefits.

Filing a successful SSD or SSI claim takes time and often requires a dedicated legal representative. Because Moore & Jensen attorneys have over 30 years of experience helping Oregonians obtain disability benefits, we are well-equipped to fight for your benefits claim. If you have filed a Social Security claim or have questions regarding Social Security disability law, please contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation.


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