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Oregon Workers Compensation Attorney

Oregon Workers Compensation Law

Oregon worker’s compensation law entitles you to benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act in the form of income (temporary total disability benefits or wage replacement), medical care, permanent partial disability if appropriate, and even retraining benefits if you’ve suffered an on-the-job injury. If you’ve had an injury while at work which resulted in lost time, lost wages, disability, and the need for medical care, then give us a call now.

For on the job injuries, you need workers compensation attorneys who are skilled and have significant experience dealing with Oregon’s workers’ compensation law. You need attorneys who can answer questions and who have staff who can answer your questions regarding workers’ compensation and how you can maximize your workers’ compensation benefits.

Experienced Workers Compensation Attorneys Can Help You

Experienced Oregon Workers Compensation Attorneys Can Help you

You need an Oregon Workers Comp lawyer, because the workers’ compensation insurance company is not on your side. That workers’ compensation insurance company is interested in resolving your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible, and is not at all concerned with what is in your best interests. That insurance company will have an attorney of their own, and if you don’t have an aggressive attorney, you are likely to not get benefits, or to get less than you actually deserve.

Don’t be afraid to call us and ask questions. Here are a few things that you could be concerned about:

  1. Are my time loss checks being paid in the correct amount?
  2. How can I change doctors or get a second opinion?
  3. Do I have to go to the doctor that I was told to go and see?
  4. Is it reasonable to worry about being fired for filing a claim?
  5. Should I see a chiropractor?
  6. How much can I get if I decide to settle my claim on a lump sum basis?

If you have a workers’ compensation claim, then we have attorneys and staff with the experience and knowledge to help you in your dealings with the workers’ compensation company.

Workers Compensation

Oregon Workers Comp, Oregon Workers Compensation, Oregon Workmans Comp & Oregon Workmans Compensation

When experience and knowledge really matter, you need experienced professionals who understand Oregon workers’ compensation law. Call us today at: 1-800-600-6470. You should feel free to ask questions or schedule an appointment to meet with an attorney or legal assistant to discuss your claim. Since we are contingency fee lawyers, we don’t get paid until we get you something. There is absolutely no charge for an initial consultation. Because we have represented Oregon injured workers for over 30 years, we know how to talk to working people and we know how to keep them comfortable while discussing their workers’ compensation case. You should find out all you can about Oregon workers’ compensation law so you can make the right decisions and choices to protect your rights.

Oregon Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Benefits

Oregon Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security benefits are part of a federal program. If you have worked, you have paid into Social Security, and your employer has paid in on your behalf. Social Security disability is an insurance system, and you must have paid in to qualify for benefits. Supplemental Security Income is a needs-based system for granting benefits even if you have not worked enough or paid enough into the Social Security system to be insured. The Social Security system came in to being in 1945 to protect people who are unable to continue working. While the main purpose is to provide some income in retirement, it is also there to provide income to people who become disabled from all gainful suitable employment.

Social Security Disability Benefits SSD

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are a right that you have if you have qualify for them. It’s not easy to qualify for SSD benefits. You must be determined disabled under the SSA requirements. A social security attorney is an attorney that knows the ever expanding social security benefits available to you. You must be careful selecting a social security attorney, because winning a social security claim is very important to you and your family. Being awarded Social Security disability will also allow you to qualify for Medicare benefits.

Social Security Disability Lawyers

Oregon Social Security Disability Lawyer

You should know that the Social Security Administration does not require a licensed Oregon disability lawyer to perform as your social security representative. Although you can hire someone who is not an attorney, the cost is no different to hire an attorney who is ethically obligated to put your interests before the attorney’s interest, and that attorney’s conduct is regulated by the Oregon State Bar. Social Security disability lawyers and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims lawyers do not charge you anything unless you win your case. So you pay no fee if there is no recovery. Supplemental Security Income is part of the Social Security program that provides monthly Oregon disability benefits to those who have not worked long enough to qualify for SSDI.

Since the Social Security Administration denies approximately 70 to 75 percent of the applications for Oregon disability, you should have an experienced Social Security attorney on your side to appeal the decision to an administrative law judge. Usually 60 to 70 percent of these appeals win! Let us help you be part of that 60 to 70 percent.

Application of Social Security Disability Benefits

Contact us to begin the process for getting competent social security representation. We offer Oregon statewide representation.