Getting rich off the broken backs of injured workers.

These companies promise savings (reduction of benefits to the injured person), and rake in hundreds of millions of dollars.  They spend lavishly to get new business, and the injured person just suffers.  Disgusting. ‘All of This Because Somebody Got Hurt at Work’ Hummer limos, go-go dancers, a live alligator and glowing aliens in spandex at
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Big business continues to erode the rights of workers.

People should bear this in mind when buying goods, and look to see who they support in elections.  The people they support will do them favors at the expense of real people.   Tyson Foods’ Secret Recipe for Carving Up Workers’ Comp Over the past 25 years, the giant meatpacking company has taken a lead
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This is a lengthy and very thorough discussion of occupational disease law.

This is a lengthy and very thorough discussion of occupational disease law. Oregon keeps track of denial rates, and occupational disease (OD) cases are 3 times more likely to be denied when compared to injury cases. In order to win an occupational disease case in Oregon you must show that the work exposure is the major cause
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Lawmakers Seek Federal ‘Oversight’ Of Workers’ Comp As States Limit Benefits

Ten Democratic lawmakers are asking the Department of Labor to provide some oversight of state workers compensation cuts.  The reality is that people are being shifted onto Social Security disability and onto Medicare.  State and federal programs are paying for things that are really the responsibility of employers.  This is a disincentive to have a
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Inside Corporate America’s Campaign to Ditch Workers’ Comp

In Oklahoma, and in Texas employers are allowed to opt out of workers compensation coverage. They are supposed to supply some benefit, but at least in Oklahoma, there is no state regulation of the plans. As you might suspect injured workers do not fare well in this system. One Texas lawyer is helping companies opt
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Energy Barons Uphold the Dangerous Workplace Tradition

Don Blankenship, Massey Energy’s former CEO (also known as “[o]ne of the most reprehensible bosses in recent history”), today goes to trial. The charges stem from the 2010 West Virginia Upper Big Branch coal mine explosion “that killed 29 workers, the U.S. industry’s deadliest in almost four decades.” Writes Slate, “He will be brought to
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Workers Compensation is a big national issue!

Regulators, employer groups and even some worker advocates study it. Here is a very good summary of a panel discussion at the recent IAIABC (International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions) convention (Jennifer Flood, who was part of the panel, is Oregon’s Ombudsman for injured workers): At the 2015 IAIABC Convention an panel discussed
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Excellent resource for any working person

Although we do not do employment law we do see many of these issues come through our office.  This appears to be a resource for any working person being subjected to poor treatment at work (including discrimination for filing a workers compensation claim) Click here for Podcast

Today My Fear Came True.

I have been representing injured workers and Social Security Disability applicants for 33 years. I know that many people have invisible disabilities. People with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, mental and emotional disability, spinal issues, the list goes on. I have represented professional soccer players with concussions that take them out of not only soccer but
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Oregon Workers Compensation Deterioration

Workers Compensation Deterioration This is a very interesting explanation about why Workers’ Compensation systems nationwide are deteriorating. There is a race to the bottom to attract business, and the price is paid by workers generally and by injured workers in particular. One of the solutions mentioned is to have some minimum standards imposed by the
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