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Oregon Workers Compensation Attorney

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oregon social security disability attorneyOregon worker's compensation entitles you to workers' compensation income and workers compensation medical benefits if you've had an on-the-job injury. If you've had an injury while at work, which resulted in lost time and lost wages from your job call us now.

For on the job injuries, you need workers compensation attorneys with job injury experience, who are able to quickly answer your questions concerning workers compensation and get the maximum amount of Oregon workers' compensation benefits.

Experienced Oregon Workers Compensation Attorneys Can Help you

You need an Oregon Workers Comp lawyer because the insurance company involved is interested in resolving your claim as cheaply as possible and is not concerned about your best interests. Without an aggressive attorney you are likely to not get benefits or get less than you actually deserve.

Don't be afraid to call us and ask questions. Here are a few things to be concerned about:

  1. How can I get an advance from the Workers Comp Insurance Company?
  2. How can my weekly checks be increased?
  3. How can I change doctors or get a second opinion?
  4. Should I be worried about being fired?
  5. Should I see a chiropractor?
  6. How much can I get for my lump sum settlement?

If you have a workers compensation claim, we have the experience and knowledge to represent injured workers.

Oregon Workers Comp, Oregon Workers Compensation, Oregon Workmans Comp & Oregon Workmans Compensation

When experience and knowledge really matters you need professionals who understand Oregon Workers' Compensation Law. Call us today at 1-800-600-6470 and ask us questions or talk to one of our experienced Oregon Workers Comp lawyers. Don't worry about actually talking to a lawyer, we are just regular people who are ready to help you. You should find out all you can about Oregon Workers Compensation so that you make the right decisions and choices to protect your rights.

Oregon Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Benefits

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Social Security benefits are based upon a Federal program that was created in 1945. The United States Government realized that there should be forced savings protection for citizens that work hard, so when someone could no longer work, there would be some savings to allow them to live with some income. People seem to believe that social security benefits only provide retirement benefits, but that is not correct.

Social Security Disability Benefits SSD

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are a right that you have if you have qualify for them. It's not easy to qualify for SSD benefits. You must be determined disabled under the SSA requirements. A social security attorney is an attorney that knows the ever expanding social security benefits available to you. You must be careful selecting a social security attorney, because winning a social security claim is very important to you and your family. Winning a social security disability case may also allow you to qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Oregon Social Security Disability Lawyer

You should know that the Social Security Administration does not require a licensed Oregon disabiliy lawyer to perform as your social security representative. But, if you can hire a social security disability attorney for the same price as someone who is not a social security attorney, who would you retain? Social security disability lawyers and Supplement Security Income (SSI) claims lawyers do not charge you anything unless you win your case. So you Pay No Fee If There Is No Recovery. Supplement Security Income (SSI) is part of the Social Security Program that provides monthly Oregon disability benefits to those who have not worked long enough to qualify for SSDI.

Since the Social Security Administration denies approximately 70% - 75% of the applications for Oregon disability, you should have an experienced social security attorney on your side to appeal the decision to an Administrative Law Judge. Usually 60% -70% of these appeals win! Let us help you to be part of that 60% - 70%.

Application of Social Security Disability Benefits

Contact us to begin the process for getting competent social security representation. We offer Oregon statewide representation.